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General Manager

Robert (Bob) E. DoyleRobert E. Doyle

General Manager
East Bay Regional Park District

Welcome to the East Bay Regional Park District. As I look at the growth of this agency over the past decades, I am extremely proud of this agency. The Park District was founded in 1934 in the middle of the Great Depression by everyday citizens who wanted to protect open space and offer recreation for their health and well-being. They were visionaries before their time. Eighty years later, the result is the current East Bay Regional Park District which provides the green fabric of the East Bay with more recreation opportunities than those citizens of yesteryear could have ever imagined.

Recently we completed the multi-year process of updating of our Master Plan, which will be our planning guide over the next 10 years. We opened the new Big Break Visitor Center at the Delata in Oakley, the first new Visitor Center built in 38 years by the Park District and the first official interpretive facility on the Delta. We dedicated an all-new outdoor Fitness Zone at Lake Chabot that has six interactive exercise machines set in a rain garden landscaped with native plants. And we rededicated McLaughhlin Eastshore State Park in honor of Sylvia McLaughlin, one of the visionary community leaders who founded Save the Bay.

As always, we continued our unwavering commitment to protecting open space and the environment. And we continue to be a Bay Area leader in the national movement of Healthy Parks Healthy People, an initiative to foster understanding about the benefits parks and open space have on individual physical and mental health, as well as on the health of our communities and the environment as a whole.

The benefits of parks are as important now as they were 80 years ago: parks give families a chance to enjoy nature and stay healthy together with free and very low-cost options for recreation and exercise.

I hope you will explore our website and discover our wonderful East Bay Parks.


Robert E. Doyle
General Manager
East Bay Regional Park District



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General Manager Robert E. Doyle
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