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For the biking enthusiast, the East Bay Regional Park District has everything from paved flat paths passing by schools, shopping centers, parks and other recreation areas to challenging remote backcountry trails for more advanced mountain bikers. Many of the East Bay Regional Park District's 1,200 miles of trails are open to bikes. Bikes are allowed on most multi-use (wide) trails and prohibited on most narrow trails.

The Park District maintains good working relationships with the Bicycle Trails Council East Bay (BTCEB), and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. Our volunteer trail safety patrol has a bicycle division that promotes safe and responsible riding. When planning a bike route, be sure to do a little research. Some parks do not allow bikes or have limited access and some routes can be extremely challenging. Also, not all trails or trailheads have water so come prepared. For guidance, be sure to check out our Paved Trails Section and Mountain Bike Trail Best Picks. Each park brochure has a trail map that shows where biking is permitted.  

For more information about our biking programs, please contact Philip Coffin, Recreation Coordinator, at (510) 544-2566 or

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