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5535 Arroyo Road, Livermore, CA 94550

Phone Number
(925) 371-8401

Park Hours
Restricted access by arrangement only.

Park Events

Emergency Number

EBRPD Headquarters
1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757

Camp Arroyo

A healthy place for children, the environment, and sustainable futures

Camp Arroyo

About Camp Arroyo

Camp Arroyo is a beautiful residential camp serving children year-round as a place to explore, learn and grow in an ideal outdoor setting.  Nestled in the hills surrounding the 138-acre Del Valle Regional Wilderness in Livermore, California, the camp was formally opened in 2001 and serves thousands each year. Owned by the East Bay Regional Park District, Camp Arroyo is operated in partnership with The Taylor Family Foundation and the YMCA of the East Bay.

Hiking at Camp Arroyo

During the summer months, and several weekends throughout the year, the camp is a haven for children with life threatening illnesses and their families to enjoy together, thanks to The Taylor Family Foundation, which funds camps that provide skilled staff and volunteers to create fun-filled, memorable experiences.   The YMCA of the East Bay is the operator of the camp year-round, offering programs, and weekend group rentals for retreats and events.  From September to June the YMCA directs an excellent outdoor educational experience that introduces 4th, 5th and 6th graders to important concepts about science, nature, and sustainable living.  Both groups have decades of knowledge and experience managing the Camp’s life changing experiences.  Camp Arroyo is one of 65 regional parks owned by the East Bay Regional Park District.

The development of Camp Arroyo and its curriculum has been generously supported through funding, grants and donations from:

  • East Bay Regional Park District
  • The Taylor Family Foundation
  • State Department of Parks and Recreation
  • California Resources Agency
  • California Integrated Waste Management Board
  • Alameda County Waste Management, Source Reduction, and Recycling Board
  • Regional Parks Foundation

"My favorite thing about Camp Arroyo was the garden."
--A 6th grade student from Edendale Middle School.

"I particularly enjoyed watching the students challenge themselves and express themselves outside the boundaries of the classroom."
--Sarah Stickle, 6th Grade Teacher, Edendale Middle School, San Lorenzo.

"My favorite thing was how pretty and peaceful it was."
--4th grade student from Berkeley Arts Magnet.

"It is a very interactive program with no limits on growth for all involved. Programs like this will improve our society; it builds stronger and nicer students who are going to take on the problems we will leave to them."
--Sarah Booth, Teacher, Horizons Alternative High School.

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The Site

Camp Arroyo is a 138-acre park owned and maintained by the East Bay Regional Park District since 1995. The site retains a sense of isolation as it is situated at the end of a winding road in the countryside.

Students listening presentation at Camp Arroyo

The "green" camp design not only provides beautiful living and learning facilities, but also serves as a tangible example of sustainable development. A core goal of the site construction is to incorporate responsible building practices such as using recycled, sustainable materials; installing energy efficient lighting and climate control; preserving natural features including trees and wildlife habitats; and reusing existing infrastructure. The ecologically friendly design encourages students to visualize innovative building practices.

The site contains six duplex cabins that comfortably house 144. Each side of the duplex has its own bathroom and sunroom as well as sleeping quarters for ten students and two chaperones. The nutritious meals are served in the large, multifunctional dining hall. The site also has a large, guarded swimming pool and adjoining bathhouses, an infirmary, an indoor/outdoor arts and crafts yurt, and portable outdoor classroom structures.

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The Curriculum

Students exploring the organic garden at Camp Arroyo

A central goal of the program is to foster critical thinking about the environment and help students develop creative solutions to issues that they will encounter throughout their lives. Through a series of fun, hands-on activities the students will increase their understanding of and respect for the environment and each other. The intensive, project-based curriculum fully addresses the California State Frameworks and Standards.

Camp Arroyo not only helps produce the next generation of environmental stewards, but also fosters community leaders. A unique aspect of the curriculum is that it allows children to make choices about their studies and extracurricular activities.

This week-long, project-based approach provides students with a deeper understanding of individual concepts as well as an awareness of the interrelationships among the different themes. Students learn alternative living skills through peer presentations, mealtime discussions, and afternoon choice activities.

In addition to the academic curriculum, Camp Arroyo provides a variety of community-building experiences for the students including:

  • Swimming
  • Campfires
  • Night hiking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Camp chores and service projects
  • Social mealtimes

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Reservations Information

Students building functional items at Camp Arroyo

For information and reservations about school uses call Rachel Rodrigues at 925-371-8401 x112. Camp Arroyo is open to groups by reservation only. 

During the summer The Taylor Family Foundation uses the site to serve children with life-threatening illnesses. See The Taylor Family Foundation Camp Arroyo web page.

During the school year the Outdoor School program is open to 4th-6th grade classes. 

For more information, visit the Outdoor School webpage or call (925) 455-7976.


Camp Arroyo Site


The design is by Siegel and Strain Architects of Emeryville. The environmentally innovative design includes "green" features such as straw bale insulation, solar heating and gunned-earth construction for the pool, metal roofs to catch runoff water for irrigation, and use of recycled materials wherever possible.


  • Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Awards 
    Received for Children’s Environmental Education


  • Thomas Caldwell Program Award 
    YMCA of the East Bay for innovative partnership between EBRPD,
    The Taylor Family Foundation, Camp Arroyo and YMCA of the East Bay
  • Excellence in Green Design Award, AIA San Francisco Chapter 
    Best of the Bay Design Awards


  • Excellence in Design Award, Environmental Design 
    Construction Magazine


  • California Association of Recreation & Park Districts
    Best New Facility Award 


  • American Planning Association, Northern Section, California Chapter 
    Honorable Mention for Planning Project
  • California Park and Recreation Society, Award of Excellence 
    Best Facility Design & Park Planning Award


  • National AIA Committee on the Environment 
    Top Ten Green Projects


  • Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integrations Awards
    Award of Honor, AIA California Council and PG & E